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album 総会&懇親会 2019; 2018; 2017; 2016; 紙芝居「わたしはテイコ」2016
    レクチャーコンサート2016; 遠藤郁子ピアノリサイタル2016

総会 2020

第34回定例総会》札幌エルプラザ 2020.11.21
34th Annual Meeting at Sapporo L Plaza 21/11/2020

Photo session: 12 members of the Association attending the Annual Meeting, 5 members of the Sapporo Folk Dance Club

♫ Exodus 2020「シロンスク」舞踊団『エクソドゥス』動画鑑賞会

♫ポーランド国立民族合唱舞踊団シロンスク」○オンライン公演〜現代舞踊『エクソドゥス動画鑑賞会会場・日時 同じ "Exodus" show by the "Śląsk" Ensemble in Sapporo on Nov. 21, 2020, 協力:ポーランド広報文化センター; 人道の港敦賀ムゼウム; シアターX(カイ); 日本・ポーランド民族舞踊友好協会; Polish Art & Science Mission in Japan; Forum Polandほか, 東京新聞; 朝日新聞, blog 12/6; 12/12

Despite the rapid spread of the infection, about 30 people participated in the event and enjoyed the videos of the spectacle "Exodus" and the dance workshops.

プログラム program, パンフレット pamphlet

第1部「シロンスク」より Part 1: From the "Śląsk" Ensemble, 15:00-16:10

1. 開会挨拶:安藤厚(北海道ポーランド文化協会会長)
Opening remarks: Atsushi Ando (President, Hokkaido-Poland Cultural Association)
ズビグニェフ・チェルニャク(シロンスク舞踊団団長)Opening message: Zbigniew Cierniak (Director, Zespół Pieśni i Tańca "Śląsk" im. Stanisława Hadyny) [3:25]

2. スライドトーク「ポーランドの文化と社会」ラファウ・ジェプカ(協会事務局長)Slide Talk "Polish Culture and Society" Rafał Rzepka (Secretary General of the Association) [13:47]

3. ♫スペクタクル『エクソドゥス』Spectacle "Exodus" [35:30]

4. ♫ポーランド民族舞踊ワークショップ Workshops of Polish national and folk dances(ポロネーズ Polonez [13:39]; クラコヴィアク Krakowiak [10:59]; トロヤク Trojak [10:53])

第2部 札幌より [8:25] Part 2: From Sapporo, 16:15-16:50

In response to the "Exodus" show ~ Special messages ~

1) ラファウ・ジェプカ [3:42] "Exodus" への感想「一在外ポーランド人から*1 Rafał Rzepka: Impressions of "Exodus" - "From a Polish abroad"

2) 村田譲「"Exodus" - 100年前のシベリアからのポーランド孤児救出」
Joe Murata "’Exodus' - rescue of Polish orphans from Siberia 100 years ago"
※『未来に伝えたい100年前のニッポン人〜ポーランド孤児救出の軌跡前編; 後編, siberianchildren.pl

3) 遠藤郁子「感動しました。」(代読:熊谷敬子)
*2 Ikuko Endo "Impressed." (Keiko Kumagai: reading on behalf of the author)

4) 長屋のり子「頌歌」(代読:熊谷敬子、舞踊:若松由紀枝)
Noriko Nagaya "Ode to 'Exodus'" (K. Kumagai: reading on behalf of the author; Yukie Wakamatsu: dance)

5) 霜田千代麿:応援パフォーマンス
Chiyomaro Shimoda: Supporting performance for "Exodus"

2. 閉会挨拶:霜田千代麿(協会副会長)
Closing remarks: Chiyomaro Shimoda (Vice President of the Association)

◎聴衆の感想 Audience impressions
"Since I'm taking social dance lessons, it's easy to see how difficult it is to keep your arms level and dance, as shown in the workshops video." (Joe Murata)

"I was impressed with the "Exodus". The choreography of the workshop is technically very high, and it seems difficult for us to dance together." (a member of a fork dance group)

"I think "Exodus" is a wonderful work. The explanations by Rafał Rzepka and Joe Murata were also appropriate. Having this event after our Annual meeting was also a good decision to get a lot of participants. Postponement was considered in terms of measures against coronavirus infection, but considering various circumstances, I think it was unavoidable to hold this day." (one of the stuff members)

「「シロンスク」舞踊団のスペクタクル『エクソドゥス』は素晴らしいダンスパフォーマンスです。この作品を見て、有名なポーランドのアイヌ民族研究家ブロニスワフ・ピウスツキを思い出しました。彼もまた大勢の流刑囚とともにサハリンに送られ、さまざまな試練と決断の末に自分の道を見出し、極東の少数民族の友人にして研究者となりました。いま彼の記念碑が北海道に建てられていて、ポーランドと北海道の間の重要な絆になっています。」(安藤厚) "The spectacle "Exodus" by the "Śląsk" Ensemble is a wonderful dance performance. This work reminded me of the life of the famous Polish Ainu researcher Bronisław Piłsudski. He was also sent to Sakhalin with a large number of exiles, and after various trials and decisions, he found his way as a friend and researcher of the Far Eastern minorities. Currently, his monument is built in Hokkaido, which is one of the important bonds between Hokkaido and Poland." (Atsushi Ando)

*1 Rafał Rzepka: Impressions of "Exodus" - "From a Polish abroad"
 Hi, my name is Rafal Rzepka.
 After seeing the spectacle "Exodus" by the "Śląsk" Ensemble, it was a very moving performance for me, who had been learning to dance and act since elementary school.
 The dance was wonderful, however I was most impressed by the story expressed in it. The word "Exodus" means that many people "escape." The reason I left the country (I have lived in Sapporo for over 20 years) is not so much as "escape," but as a journey to find out more about what I didn't know. I felt that my journey is expressed by this spectacle.
 Leaving your home country, for whatever reason, leads to a variety of pains. Do you remember the "suitcase" scene? In Polish, there is an expression "like sitting on suitcases..." No matter how interesting it may be, it's hard not to have a place to live in the world. "My place to live in" does not mean a physical meaning, but a connection with people.
 I am now 10,000 kilometers away from my parents' house. Life changes a lot depending on whether or not there are people who dance with you in a circle together. There are few Poles living in Sapporo. When I meet Poles in Japan, I often hear that "this country is not our country". However, I think that getting to know many Japanese people is the way to change "exodus" to "life".
 I think that the performance of the "Śląsk" Ensemble has the power to inform the world of the feelings of Poles scattered all over the world. The number of Poles living in Poland is close to 40 million, but the number of Poles outside Poland exceeds 20 million. Poles in different countries of the world communicate with the locals in their respective places.
 I think we are fortunate to have a wonderful organization called "Hokkaido-Poland Cultural Association" in Sapporo. There are various events, and they are warm to foreigners. I am deeply grateful to have been able to enrich communication with the local people.
 Today's films also include nostalgic traditional dances. Thank you to everyone in the "Śląsk" Ensemble for lightening hearts of Poles who live in foreign countries.

*2 Ikuko Endo "Impressed."
 "I was deeply impressed by watching the online performance of the "Śląsk" Ensemble. The history of Poland and "Exodus" overlapped, and I remembered the five years (from 1965) I spent in Poland when I was in my twenties.
 Wojciech Kilar's music was overlaid with the music of the same Polish composer Henryk Górecki (a very Polish melody is repeated). I was convinced that Michał Zubkow, the choreographer, left a collaborative work with Mr. Górecki.

 This melody was overlaid with the Polish folk song "Matulu moja (my mother)" that I heard a long time ago. And I thought of the Polish orphans rescued from Siberia.
The performance, choreography, music, lighting, camera work, everything was overwhelming with a high degree of perfection, and when the repeated melody echoed "Hallelujah (praise of God)", my eyes were hot.
 I was impressed. Bravo!! Bravissimo!!!"

album 総会&懇親会 2019; 2018; 2017; 2016; 紙芝居「わたしはテイコ」2016
    レクチャーコンサート2016; 遠藤郁子ピアノリサイタル2016